Smoothies and Juices

#EssentialRecipe => Strawberry Mango Smoothie

We used to make smoothies every morning, but then Miss J arrived and mornings started at 5 am or any time of the night... Then our old blender just wasn’t doing a very good job anymore. Almost 3 years later, we finally gifted ourselves a Vitamix and I can’t seem to understand why we waited so long.

Smoothies are back and we can’t wait to share our recipes with you!


-1 Cup strawberries

-1 Medium banana

-1 Large mango

-1 Cup almond milk

-2 Tbsp healthy...

#EssentialRecipe => Almond Milk

One of the easiest switch in our plant based journey has been almond milk. I think the three of us like it even better than cow milk. The issue, is that store bought brands have additives and apparently less than 10% of actual almonds! So I would recommend you make it yourself. It's simple and you can make only what you need instead of having to buy a big carton.

Make sure you soak your almonds in filtered water for about 24 hours. It will make a significant difference.


-1/2 cup soaked overnight raw almonds drained