Plant Based

#EssentialRecipe => Homemade Almond Flour

I have been making my own almond milk for quite sometime now and felt uncomfortable every time I was throwing away the pulp left after filtering the milk. I knew I wanted to figure out a way to reuse this nutritious left over, but kept pushing it to another day on the count of being too busy....

What a shame!! 

Seriously, the only ingredient required is the left over pulp and what's even better, is that Miss J loves to spread the crumbs herself so my kitchen is entirely clean by the time she's done!


#EssentialRecipe => Plant Based Parmesan

There are a lot of plant based parmesan replacements out there, but every time I tried a recipe, something was always off. Too crunchy, too mushy, not enough flavor... So I tweaked until I found something the three of us enjoy. Well actually Miss J liked them all.


-1/2 Cup Brazil nuts

-1/3 Cup raw cashews

-1/4 Cup nutritional yeast (make sure you look at the ingredient list when buying. Some brands hide a lot of non clean ingredients.)

-2 Tbsp pine nuts

-1 Tbsp hemp seeds

The List

Becoming plant based, I noticed quite early on that some dairy or meat replacements are so delicious that I would even serve them to my omnivore friends, but on the flip side, the products that aren't good are SO bad, they go straight into the garbage... I wish I had access to a master list out there to help me decide where to spend and not spend my money. 

So here is my list so far. I will constantly keep it updated. It is not sponsored by anyone and truly reflects my personal taste. 

Of course, we won't all agree...