#EssentialRecipe => Homemade Plant Based Mac and Cheese

This is a serious comfort food of mine and Jonny’s. Every time we are sick or not feeling all that great, it’s either a miso soup or a warm comfy bowl of mac and cheese. There’s something about the creaminess that makes you feel instantly “comfier”.

And since Miss J has started school, she has already caught two colds... Germs really spread fast with kids! So I had to work on a plant based version that would be as satisfying as the one I grew up with.

The key, is to make sure to...

#EssentialRecipe => Grilled Nectarines and Quinoa Salad.

This is such a delicious and practical salad. Quinoa is packed with protein and you will feel energized every time you take a bite. You can serve it as is or you could add spinach, chard, kale, nuts, almost anything you have in your fridge.


Salad Ingredients:

-1 Cup tri-color quinoa

-3 Small to medium nectarines cut into thick wedges

-4 Medium Heirloom tomatoes cut into wedges

-1/2 Red onion thinly sliced

-1/4 of a small fennel thinly sliced on a mandoline

-Small bunch...

#EssentialRecipe => Picnic Barbecue Tofu Skewers

I absolutely love skewers! When I was a kid, my family would only go to restaurants for very special occasions. My mom and I would always order two different skewers and share.

I think the presentation is what made them so festive to me and it was always fun to fork off all the pieces onto my plate.

All grown up now and I still find them so fun, beautiful and delicious!



-Extra firm tofu cut in 1 inch cubes

-Jonny Hetherington Essentials BBQ Sauce 

#EssentialRecipe => Mac and Cheese au Gratin

There's nothing quite as comforting as a classic and simple Mac and Cheese.

As you know Jonny and I have adopted a plant based diet for the majority of the time, but we are keeping a bit of dairy around mostly to keep our tolerance up. I have noticed that just two weeks without any dairy is all it takes for my body to feel quite uncomfortable after ingestion. The last thing I want is to go back to Paris and to not be able to eat any of their delicious cheeses!!

#EssentialRecipe => French Lentil, Beet and Chard Salad


This is such a comforting and satisfying dish. There's nothing worse than eating a salad and feeling hungry again 40 minutes later! This one is perfect for an early lunch and will have you lasting until supper!


-4 Medium beets scrubbed and trim in wedges

-1 Cup of dry lentils

-1 Tbsp avocado oil

-1/2 Large red onion

-1 Garlic cloves finely chopped

-4 Cups rainbow chard chopped in a couple inches pieces

-Champagne vinegar dressing

-Sea salt and pepper

-Flat leaves parsley



Preheat the oven at...