Limited Edition Signed Barbecue Sauce Trio (APPROXIMATELY $50.00 USD)

Limited Edition Signed Barbecue Sauce Trio (APPROXIMATELY $50.00 USD)

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1 Signed Smoky Original

This clean BBQ Sauce is all about big bold smoky flavor. We've kicked the junk to the curb and used fresh ingredients to create a plant based masterpiece that will make your T-Bone or your Cauliflower Steak sing.


1 Signed Smoky Pineapple 

Picture the perfect char lines on a fresh slice of Pineapple coming off the grill, that's how our Smoky Pineapple BBQ sauce tastes. Made with fresh tomatoes and ripe pineapple. Perfect on Ribs or Pulled Pork Jackfruit sliders. 


1 Signed Smoky Craft Beer

We teamed up with Faculty Brewing to create this amazingly balanced Smoky Craft Beer Sauce. IPA lovers will love the hoppiness! A true Vancouver gem. 


Perfect on burgers, beef, chicken or veggie and amazing on Cauliflower wings! 

It's all about the smoke! 

We teamed up with a 3rd generation family owned Smoke House in Dallas to bring true Texas smoke to our BBQ sauce trio. The smoke in our sauces is clean, non GMO and all natural. 

The tanginess of our BBQ sauces are balanced with a touch of organic cane sugar and organic black strap Molasses for a true lip-smacking depth. 

Never high fructose corn syrup! 

We've sourced clean ingredients to create sauces without preservatives, additives, coloring or binders. Simply packed with goodness. 

No Junk is our mantra. 

Cleaning up the condiment isle one Sauce at a time!