#EssentialRecipe => Plant Based Parmesan

This is such a tasty way to replace parmesan cheese. If you blend it to precisely your favorite texture (it will take a couple of times) the texture is wonderful and the crunchiness is remarkably satisfying. And as usual, it seems impossible to find a store bought replacement that taste decent and has a clean ingredient list. Luckily, you can keep it in the fridge for quite sometime. I have kept mine for close to a month so far and it was perfectly good. 


-3/4 Cup raw cashews

-3 Tbsp nutritional yeast

-1tsp flaky sea salt

-1/4 garlic powder



Mix all the ingredients together into a blender, making sure not to over process.

Sprinkle on everything from pasta to caesar salad.


Voila! Plant based parmesan.

*Make sure to explore with different nut or combinations, I really liked the one batch I made with 1/2 cup raw cashews + 1/3 brazil nuts

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